Have Skill Webdevelopment: “Have skill, will travel”


The internet isn't the same anymore. Static web pages first became dynamic websites, and now many of them are transitioning to full-fledged interactive web applications. Sometimes it seems the only limitation to what can be done is your imagination—but then it all needs to work together with decent performance, remain maintainable so that you can keep expanding it, integrate with your Content Management System (or maybe require a custom one to be written for it), and oh yes, it would be cool if it could Just Work on the iPhone as well.

Setting up a modern web application requires close teamwork between a database expert, a back-end wizard and a front-end specialist with strong JavaScript fu and a good eye for usability. And there is no closer teamwork than when all of these skills are combined in one. This is where Have Skill Webdevelopment comes into the picture. Years of experience and a flexible approach combine to offer you the solutions you need. Both developing and maintaining complete web applications—as well as your more regular websites—can be taken care of.


PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (AJAX), HTML 4.01, CSS 2.1
ColdFusion, Oracle, PostgreSQL, HTML5, XHTML 1.0, CSS 3, DOM Level 1 & 2
Java, ASP, MS SQL Server, Firebird SQL, UML, Atom 1.0, XML, XML Schema, XML-RPC, DOM Level 3
ASP.NET, C++, C, Perl, Python, VB, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, XUL

Background and Procedures

Soon after obtaining a Master's Degree in Computer Science at Delft, University of Technology, I set out to travel around the world for a few years, utilizing the experience of a part-time job web programmer to pay for my travels along the way. Freelancing in Australia, customers were satisfied to such a degree that the neverending influx of new projects even managed to nearly bring the travelling to a halt. Considering the large demand for both practically and theoretically grounded expertise, setting up Have Skill Webdevelopment to continue this work was a logical next step upon returning to the Netherlands.

These last few years, most of my projects have consisted of developing complex web applications. This work has been characterised by a focus on security (an aspect of web development which doesn't get nearly enough attention) and maintainability. Client-side I follow the W3C standards by writing accessible and semantically meaningful HTML and CSS. The experience of being involved in the development of the open source web browser Mozilla (of which Firefox is the currently best known end product) gives me a unique edge when solving advanced cross-browser layout problems. I'm also a contributor to the WHATWG, which is developing new standards for web applications that should start to be of use in the near future. Finally, I keep abreast of the latest changes in the world of front-end development and web standards through Fronteers, the Dutch trade organization for front-end developers.

I maintain strong opinions on the best way to develop websites and solve problems, and will be happy to advise on this. On the other hand, the many environments in which I've worked also allow me to flexibly adjust to existing practices in different organizations.

If necessary, work on projects which require continuous communication can be performed on location. Outside the Randstad, travel expenses will be charged. Work can be performed both on an hourly basis or for a fixed price (based on a detailed functional specification). Extra charges will apply for making changes to websites with a table-layout, or when created with Frontpage or Dreamweaver.


If you would like more information on what I can do for you, links to recent work, a resume, or further conversation, don't hesitate to contact Sander van Lambalgen.